Pamper Your Feet!  A Little Smear Goes a Long Way

Have you ever wondered exactly why you should use foot cream?  After all, your feet are pretty tough, right? 

True, but maybe not as tough as you think.

Here in Israel, we literally walk in the footsteps of Abraham, our patriarch, who was commanded to walk the length and breadth of the land that the Lord would give to his descendants. 

We love to walk the land – every inch. Even for school children, hikes are a common and much-loved day trip. But after a day of hiking – or even after a day of walking in the mall or just around town doing all the things we do on a daily basis – feet need some personal care and attention.

The skin on our feet is thicker than the skin elsewhere on our body.  Interestingly this thicker skin is really a protective layer of dead skin that is designed to enable us to walk, walk and walk some more.  But this tough layer of skin can actually end up being drier than the skin on the rest of your body.  So if you do not pay attention to your feet, this thicker skin can end up flaking and even cracking.  A little bit of care, however, can easily treat this potentially sensitive area and prevent possible pain and harm. 

The solution is keeping your feet moisturized with a good foot cream. Most women understand that their face, hands and body need to be moisturized.  But many don’t think about their feet until it is too late and they are already in pain.  Don’t let this happen to you. After you shower, just quickly smear on a thin layer.  That’s all it takes to insure you never suffer from dry, flaky or cut feet.

So what’s so special about our Revitalizing Foot Cream?  We thought you’d never ask!

First of all, it is designed to be quickly absorbed and leave no greasy feeling.    Secondly, we have incorporated the best ingredients we could find to make it  the best hydrating experience for that thick skin, which will leave your feet feeling soft and smooth. 

Our Revitalizing Foot Cream contains shea butter which is easily absorbed by the skin and retains moisture so your feet keep that spa feeling longer.  It is also anti-inflammatory – great if you are on your feet all day!

It also contains tea tree oil which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and helps to reduce foot odor. The reason your feet sometimes smell is  because odor develops from excess bacteria on your feet.  The dynamic combination of shea butter, tea tree oil and vitamin E oil are a three-pronged anti-bacterial powerhouse to kill the odor causing bacteria while leaving your feet pampered, soft and smooth.

So don’t forget the foot cream! 

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