How To Choose a Hand Soap In a Corona Virus World

The world has changed for the foreseeable future.  Hand washing. Mask wearing. Social distancing. We now live in a Corona virus world where each of these three things are on everyone’s mind. But when it comes to hand washing what kind of soap is the best to use?  Is there a “best way” to wash your hands when trying to keep a virus at bay?

 According to the CDC, the single most effective way to prevent the spread of Corona – or any virus for that matter – is by washing your hands frequently. Indeed, the CDC website says, “hand washing saves lives.” It goes on to say that proper hand washing is "like a do-it-yourself vaccine" against myriad ailments. It prevents bacteria from entering your body.

 If your sole goal is to kill the virus, according to the FDA, it does not matter what type of soap you use – there is not even a benefit to using anti-bacterial soap.  In fact, they point out that there may be disadvantages. Many antibacterial soaps contain chemicals, such as triclosan.  Some studies have suggested that triclosan exposure can have the unintended consequence of bacteria actually becoming resistant to the antibacterials!

 Which brings us to the many beneficial reasons for using a good soap.  Mass marketed, inexpensive soaps are also loaded with chemicals, none of which are good for your health or your hands.  Secondly, not only does a good soap not have chemicals and artificial byproducts mixed in to them, but a healthy soap has many all-natural ingredients that will moisturize, soften and revitalize your skin and your hands.  Some of the best soaps are also completely organic and incorporate olive oil and other essential oils and herbs.  These will hydrate your skin and prevent cracking and irritation to preserve and help improve the natural freshness of your hands.

 Incidentally, in a situation where you have many people using the same soap, liquid soap is preferable to bar soap, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.  This is because it prevents the spread of infection from person to person.

 But no matter what soap you choose, the most important thing is to use it!  Wash your hands frequently, correctly and for the right amount of time. What is correct?  Wet, lather and scrub for 20 seconds.  Then rinse and dry. And if you have to, sing a song while you scrub, use your phone’s timer, do whatever it takes to wash for long enough to get the full benefit. Just like your mother told you as a kid, wash your hands!

 Happy suds!

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