Hand Cream - Quick Tips

Q:  What is the best Quick Tip you have for hand cream?

A:  Here you go! This is our favorite tip. 

Give your hands a “facial” while you sleep!  

Just slather on hand cream before going to bed and then cover your hands with a soft pair of cotton gloves.   You’re going to love it!  Keeps in the moisture and your hands just bask in that Silky Hand Cream.  Then just wash your hands in the morning using our Soothing Hand Wash and you will feel like you’ve just been to the hand spa!  If you do this regularly you will rarely feel the need to apply it during the day.


Q:  How can I avoid that greasy feeling on my hands?

A:  Here’s four ways to avoid greasy hands when applying hand cream: 

  1. Use less. Our Silky Hand Cream has such pure ingredients that you don’t need to use a lot.  Start with a dab at a time and rub it in thoroughly before moving on to the next part of your hand.
  2. Squeeze the hand cream onto the back of one of your hands and then rub it against the back of your other hand.  This way you won’t even need to put any cream on the front of your hands where hand cream is rarely needed anyway.
  3. After applying the hand cream, wipe your palms and the front of your fingers on a clean towel to clean them.  This way you will have no greasy residue on the part of your hands you use all the time, while letting the backs of your hands continue to absorb the cream.
  4. Simply use the glove trick above at night in which case you probably won’t even need to apply hand cream during the day. 


Q:  When is the best time to apply hand cream?

A:  The quick and easy answer is after each time you wash your hands and any time your hands feel dry or scratchy.  But the best time and the frequency also depends on several other factors, for example, how often you wash your hands, what the condition of your hands are, and whether or not your hands are routinely exposed to the elements. Use your judgement based on how your hands feel.


Q:  What are the benefits of frequent use of hand cream?

The reason we recommend hand cream so much is because using a good hand cream regularly will prevent signs of aging.  It’s really the same reason you use face cream, right?   Hand cream boosts the level of moisture in your skin, as well as its elasticity. In addition, it protects your hands against bad weather and UV exposure which can cause cracking and discoloration.

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