5 Reasons You Should Use a Hand Cream

Here are the top five reasons you should be using hand cream every day.  Just a little smear regularly will make a big difference as the years pass by.  It’s like accumulating interest.  The earlier you start taking care of yourself, the better shape you will be in later on.

  1. Hands do a lot! Whether you are doing dishes, cooking, typing, dressing, shopping or virtually anything else, your hands are busy.  Hands are literally in use all day, from the minute we wake up until we go to sleep at night.  This takes a toll.  You know you have to take care of your face and your eyes.  And they are nowhere near as active and interactive as your hands.  Certainly your hands need to be cared for just as much if not more so.  Hand cream is one of the few defenses we have against the steady deterioration of the skin of our hands.
  2. Not only do hands work hard all day, but they are exposed to everything! Heat, cold, bad weather, rough surfaces, products loaded with chemicals and more. None of this is good for your hands.  Here’s an example you may not have even thought of.  How many times a day are you in your car driving with the air conditioning on?  When you are in the driver’s seat with the air on, usually the air conditioning vents that are aimed towards you blow directly over your hands.  Guess what?  That is terrible for your hands.  The air just keeps drying out your skin time after time!  It’s no wonder your hands become dry, red and even cracked.  The simple solution is to use a good hand cream on a regular basis.
  3. Your hands are the first place to show signs of aging – even before your face! The skin on your hands is thin and delicate relative to most skin on your body. Therefore hands show their age much earlier than other parts of your body.  But you can dramatically slow down the effects of aging by using hand cream.  Hand cream moisturizes and hydrates thereby helping to prevent wrinkles by boosting skin elasticity.  The bottom line is that a good hand cream assists in repairing, restoring and even healing worn or damaged skin.
  4. Now how about water? In the age of Corona, we have to wash our hands multiple times a day.  But the more you wash your hands, the more you dry out the skin on your hands.  Counter to what you might think, water is actually drying – rather than moisturizing – for the skin, especially hands. So every time you wash your hands, or even wash the dishes, for instance, you can be doing slight damage to the skin on your hands. Don’t believe us?  Then check out this study:  “Regular use of a hand cream can attenuate skin dryness and roughness caused by frequent hand washing
  1. Lastly, most people have a habit of putting their hands to their face without even realizing it. Whether it is to brush away a lock of hair, itch an itch, smooth some makeup or just rest your chin, your hands frequently make their way to your face. So why not spoil yourself with a wonderful fragrance?  Hand cream not only feels good, it smells good too!

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